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Barney C. Black

(Last Update 17 Feb 01)

The International Hydrofoil Society honors and recognizes Barney C. Black for his outstanding contributions to the Society's communications, specifically its Home Page, and Newsletter publications.

When the Board of Directors first discussed the idea of a Home Page for the Society, it was Barney who assembled and provided the necessary information. His knowledge of the structure and workings of the World Wide Web and his expertise in actually developing and operating a web page were crucial to the decision to undertake establishment of the IHS web site. His continuing dedication to the management of the Site has given the Society vastly increased international visibility.

Barney Black is also the designer and editor and a major contributor of articles for the Society Newsletter. This publication is considered excellent by many because Barney has devoted the time and made the effort to redesign it and manage it. For most IHS members, the Newsletter is the Society's primary product and the only one they regularly see. Many IHS members are not able to connect with the Internet. The Newsletter is for them the major source of current information on hydrofoils.

Barney Black has had an unusually varied and multi-disciplinary career in the marine industries. He earned the unusual degree of B. S. in Humanities and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1971. Barney has provided equipment, maintenance, and training to Navy, municipal, and civilian divers and fire fighters; worked in the SSN688 Class Advanced Design Project Office at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company; served as a consulting engineer to the Navy in Arlington, VA, supporting various design and modernization projects in mine countermeasures; provided logistic support to the PHM Class hydrofoils; and is currently a Senior Principal Engineer at TRW.*

Barney has great skill as a writer, especially as an interpreter of technical subjects for general audiences, and has been published in Skindiver, Fire Chief, Volunteer Fireman, InfoWorld, and Tidewater Virginian magazines, and others. He is a senior member of the Society For Technical Communication, a member of the Engineering Management and Technical Communication societies of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), and the International Hydrofoil Society.

Barney Black's many accomplishments and his devotion to the development of the IHS muti-media image are most deserving of special recognition by the International Hydrofoil Society. For his unstinting dedication to making the IHS a vital and useful organization for its members and for the marine community in general, we are pleased to present this award to Barney C. Black.

* Update: Barney Black is currently working as Senior Logistics Management Specialist on the US Coast Guard's Deepwater Project.

Barney C. Black's Remarks Upon Accepting the IHS Award Citation

I am honored and grateful to receive this award and, I should also say, surprized. I hardly feel I deserve it when I consider the illustrious names of others who received the award before me and also the names of many who have not received it (yet) but are more deserving than I. As for service to the members, I also want to recognize that the contributions of Malin Dixon, our photo archivist, are invaluable, as are those of the experts who devote time to answering the many requests for technical and historical information that the Society receives.

The International Hydrofoil Society suffered a severe blow a few years ago when the US Navy decommissioned its entire fleet of hydrofoil patrol craft, the PHMs, at a single stroke. The future for hydrofoils appeared so uncertain and even bleak at that time that the Board of Directors seriously discussed proposals to merge IHS with other Advanced Marine Vehicle organizations or even to disband IHS altogether. However, any defeatist urge to "throw in the towel" and give up was short lived. A turnaround in IHS's prospects began with establishing a presence on the World Wide Web and dedicating the effort to respond promptly to all inquiries. The new IHS home page generated truly international interest and a surge in membership. The diverse backgrounds and interests of these new members expanded IHS's scope well beyond the US ferry market and the military hydrofoils that were the preoccupations of the recent past. The surge of new information arriving via the internet provided the material and impetus to upgrade and expand the newsletter, which has generated even further interest and membership. For now, then, IHS is in good shape, and the Society is more fully living up to its mission to promote hydrofoils of all types, sizes, and applications.

Thank you, and anyone who has not yet paid their annual dues, please send in your check!

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