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Award Citation


Dr. Sam Bradfield

(Last Update 20 Oct 2012)


It gives me much pleasure to send you this International Hydrofoil Society Honorary Life Member Award that has been given to you in recognition of your contributions to the hydrofoil community over many years.


Normally, we make such a presentation at one of our meetings here in the Washington, D.C. area.  However, since you are in Florida, please accept this Award by mail. IHS is honored by this opportunity to recognize your memorable achievements.  In all future endeavors, we wish you success, ongoing association with the IHS; and not “fair winds and following seas”, but rather “foilborne comfort above the waves”.  All of us in the IHS send you our heartiest congratulations and many thanks along with our best wishes.





John Meyer, President

on 26 February 2010.


International Hydrofoil Society



Award Citation

Dr. Sam Bradfield


The International Hydrofoil Society congratulates Dr. Sam Bradfield for his remarkable achievement and honors him for his valuable contribution, over many years, to the technical development and promotion of hydrofoil sailing craft.


In recognition of his contributions, the Board of Directors of the International Hydrofoil Society hereby presents Dr. Sam Bradfield the award of “Honorary Life Member”. For this, all IHS members join in recognition of his contributions in the form of this special Award.


Long before the flight of man-made heavier than air vehicles, the concept of aerodynamic lift powered windmills.  Many years later, the same principle allowed an aircraft with a crew of two to fly around the world non-stop.


Dynamic lift is also the underlying basis for hydrofoils.  Though discovered and demonstrated over a hundred years ago, the pursuit of hydrofoil watercraft has waned.  Just recently, naval powers successfully demonstrated the military value of pushing mission capable hydrofoils over ocean waves with powerful gas turbines. Unfortunately, this effort was abandoned well short of its mission potential.

Technology in general, and hydrofoil technology in particular, appear to advance on the labor of men of vision who pioneer the technology and push forward long after others have abandoned the race. Dr. Sam Bradfield is such a man. 

Dr. Bradfield has over 50 years experience designing and sailing hydrofoils.  Dr. Bradfield's designs are unique.  He passed over gas turbines in favor of wind propulsion.  The elegance of his passion is unmistakable – use of wind generated aerodynamic lift to pull a hydrodynamic vehicle over ocean waves.


Many of Dr. Bradfield's associates have pursued hydrofoil technology for military purposes.  In contrast, he has dedicated his career to a commercial market of his own creation – that being the demand for hydrofoil systems for everyday sailors and racers.  As president of  HydroSail Inc., Dr. Bradfield has developed a product line of exciting watercraft including Coastal and Ocean Racers of up to 37 feet.


The International Hydrofoil Society takes great pleasure in presenting this award to Dr. Sam Bradfield who has devoted a significant part of his life and energies to the advancement of hydrofoil sailing.

Sadly, Dr. Sam BRADFIELD, 94, of Melbourne, died Tuesday, October 16, 2012.

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