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Badges etc.

Boeing PHM Decal
Chuck Shannon 3rd Aug 2004

U.S.S. Pegasus PHM-1
Link to page of several PHM-1 patches etc.
U.S.S. Hercules PHM-2

Other PHM2 stuff
Ship's Coin
Herb Dodson 26th Feb 2004

U.S.S. Taurus PHM-3 ship's badge
U.S.S. Taurus PHM-3 belt buckle
The buckles were made of sand-cast bronze by Rainbow Metals, Inc. Seattle WA for the Boeing Co.
U.S.S. AQUILA PHM-4 ship's badge
U.S.S. Aries PHM-5 ship's badge and two patches
U.S.S. Gemini PHM-6 badges
Ship's badge
engineers' badge
U.S.S. Flagstaff PGH-1 ship's badge
U.S.S. PLAINVIEW (AGEH-1) ship's badge and patches
PHM Squadron (PHMRON) Mobile Logistics Support Group (MLSG) Key West, Florida
Two Russian ship's badges
PCH-1 ship's badges
PCH Plaque

Original patch from 1963.
Jetfoil Coin
Jetfoil Tie
Tucumcari patch
Manly Tie Pin
Rodriquez RHS 160F Manly of the NSW State Transit Authority. Understood to be a custom designed order for use by the crews of the Sydney hydrofoils. These are available as a badge or a broach from:-
The Australian Transport Badge Club
PO Box 105
Panania NSW 2213
Phone: 0411 453841 (mobile)
Fax: -61 2 9771 2818 (from outside Australia)
Complete set of 4 Condor pin badges, one of which is hydrofoil
Hawaiian commemorative coil, showing a Jetfoil
Canadian commemorative coin, showing HCMS Bras d'Or
Click here for very detailed image (688k)
This coin was issued in 2003 by the Royal Canadian Mint (
Fast Flying Ferries 'Floater Pen' with Voskhod hydrofoil foiling past Dutch countryside, viewed from both sides and Fast Flying Ferries blue corporate pen, both courtesy of Mark van Rijzen.
"MANLY N.S.W." silver plated souvenir spoon with Urban Transit Authority Rodriquez PT 50 hydrofoil depicted. It can vaguely be made out that the specific hydrofoil is Palm Beach. Spoon was produced by an Australian company named "Stuart". Provided courtesy of Andrew Gowanlock.
Click here for close up of the spoon head.
Sew on patch type badge for Red Funnel Ferries [ Southampton to Cowes ] with the old style ferry and hydrofoil, now sadly extinct, plus a map of the Isle of Wight.
Gruman hydrofoil sticker
This Bowers Storm Master Lighter is a souvenir of Dow Chemical Corp., represented at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. The aluminum case sports the image of a hydrofoil, used to transport employees and their guests to the fair. (Poor quality picture)

Other odd images

Series of 24 Royale Flush cigar bands. The series shows 24 black and white pictures of hovercraft and hydrofoils ranging from US Army to Russian craft.
Song sheet, entitled "Hydrofoil Ride", 1963
Child's Lunch Box, from Aladdin Industries Inc. showing scenes from the James Bond movie Thunderball, including a scene of the DISCO VOLANTE speeding away foilborne after having jettisoned the cocoon. We get many emails asking where the ship is today... unfortunately, we don't know.
Any more information about these hydrofoils, or pictures of any stamps showing hydrofoils would be very welcome. Please send them to the photo archivist

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