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Doug Helper's Hydrofoil built from the May 1960 issue of Popular Science, written by Herbert R. Pfister

06-26-12 - 8:30 PM

Sirs: This took me almost a year to build, as I could work on it only a few minutes each day (job, 4 kids, etc.) I went by a plan I got from your website, from the May 1960 issue of Popular Science, written by Herbert R. Pfister. I modified it a bit by using a steering wheel, rather than foot pedal steering. I named it "51" for a couple of ironic reasons... first, when I started it, the plan was 51 years old. Second, The plan was published the month and year I was born- May 1960, 51 years ago at the time. Third, the hull number of my first ship in the US Navy was AO-51 (USS Ashtabula). I tested it here in Kwajalein Lagoon. As you can see from the pictures, it worked perfectly... what a fast ride! It uses an old 15 HP Johnson 2-cycle outbard engine. I created all parts myself, including the throddle.

Thanks, and take care.

Doug Hepler
Kwajalein, Marshall Islands




MK-105 Hydrofoil minesweeping sled. The MK-105 Magnetic Influence Minesweeping System, better known as the "sled", is a high speed catamaran hydrofoil platform which is towed behind the MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopter. For more information see
Hydrofoil Surfboard video Conversion from air chair below.
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surf foil
Air Chair Hydrofoil waterski.
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Trampofoil Hydrofoil Water Bike
Orbital & Flying Fish Human Powered Hydrofoils
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Maritime Flight I
This 4-seater hydrofoil was offered to the public by Wynne-Gill of Miami FL about 1970.

Two solar powered hydrofoils. I hope to get details soon. One is on lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, Australia. The structure in the background is the parliament house.

SCAFO prototype, a new design by Philipp Müller (industrial designer) and Claus Abt (naval architect) built summer 1999
From a poster advertising the Hamana-Ko Solar and Human Powered Boat Race Festival '96 in Japan

1960's water-ski accessory
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