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Aurora model of TUCUMCARI sometimes offer these for sale.

Kit box
Thunderstreak The Thunderstreak model with its "multi-position hydro wing" was made by Ideal Toy Company, and came out in 1967. The boat is plastic, and the propulsive force is provided not by batteries, but by 2 large rubber bands. The Thunderstreak also cruises under water, skis on snow and ice, and zooms over land. 26k 29k
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PT-50 Unique Japanese radio-controlled hydrofoil PT-50 plastic model kit made in early 1980's. 38k
PT-50 Model built (and rebuilt) by Mark van Rijzen
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Rebuild information
A hard-to-find kit made by Gunze Sangyo of Japan of the SUPER COMET Hydrofoil in 1/40 scale. The hull is 670mm long, 163mm wide. Width with hydrofoils is 315mm. The foils are made of metal. Instructions are in English. There are over 150 parts to this kit, including the controller.
SUPER COMET made by Matthias Rom
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Radio controlled model hydrofoil with submerged foils and autopilot 55k
This is a shot of the Hydroflier 1/3 scale concept-test model during tests. Full size boat
For further info click here for the BYYC
Model VS-8



Two-ship kit, contains the FFG 7 PERRY frigate or FFG 43 THACH and the PHM-1 PEGASUS Class Hydrofoil Missile Ship. Kit made by the SKYWAVE company, makers of beautifully detailed 1/700 scale warship model kits.


Model of Bell and Casey's HD-4 Hydrodrome built by Dave Acker.
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Plans for a Balsa wood model. The plans cost 3'6 (about 30¢) in England some time before 1971. The title reads:-
"Airscrew driven hydrofoil, Designed by W. P. Holland
Copyright of Model Maker Plans Service
38, Clarendon Rd, Watford, Herts
All woods are Balsa unless otherwise stated"
Model of proposed Flagstaff II made by Grumman, in three configurations.
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Model of Dolphin made by Anthony Morling
More information & more photos
1:20 scale model of RHS 140 Curl Curl Martin Grimm
More photos and some more information
Model of Boeing Jetfoil by Martin Seymour


Model of USS Aquilla by R.J.A Swart.
Scale = 1:30, length 135 cm, beam 48 cm, weight 14 kg. The propulsion is by two electric motors in the aft foil.



Bow and stern foils for the 1:16.667 scale model of a Rodriquez PT 50, owned by Garry Fry of Sydney, Australia. The model represents the hydrofoil Fairlight which had operated on Sydney harbour.
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Søfoil 4 designed and built by Søren Struntze of Copenhagen, Denmark
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Kit for model of Kometa Hydrofoil.
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Police Hydrofoil RC Ship Model made by Hegi
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Microsail Hydrofoil

Freccia d'Oro Model by Vincenzo Annuario
It is a wooden 1/20 scale model of a PT50, with an electric motor, but it can also be fitted with two diesel engines.
Vincenzo can be contacted via Malin Dixon


PT50 Model by Jeffrey Wong
Jeffrey's description:- "It is my 1:40 PT50 model of Gunze Sangyo. I had bought it in 1994 and it powered by the NOVAK 610RV speed controller with Tamiya 540VZ motor. These photos were taken in Hong Kong on Dec 23rd, 2003."
Jeffrey can be contacted via Malin Dixon


Graham Taylor's Model Hydrofoils
More pictures and more information
Simon Tang's Model Hydrofoils
More pictures and more information
Yoichi Takahashi's Model Hydrofoils, featuring automatic control systems and waterjet propulsion
More pictures and more information

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