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Last updated November 11, 2007

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WILLIWAW Pioneering hydrofoil yacht designed, built, and sailed extensively throughout the Pacific Ocean by David A. Keiper of DAK Hydrofoils.

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TECHNIQUES AVANCEES French Racing Catamaran





Mike McGarry (Canadian and US Champion) flying his Rave on a reach in fairly light air.
A starting line shot of Rave Regatta at first race. Hard on the wind and hullborne for starting.
Hobie Trifoiler

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Dave Carlson's Hobie 18 with foil kit attached.

Information from Dave Carlson




VOLADOR II was a canard type hydrofoil, having ladder main foils with cantilever low end. It had 14 m2 sails. The hydrofoil was designed and built by Fulgencio García and Adolfo Avilés in Spain.



EIFO hydrofoil trimaran
Dr. Sam Bradfield's trimaran that he converted into a hydrofoil by inserting Rave style incidence control mechanisms into the daggerboard wells.
His website

Baranski Hydrofoils
Article by Michael Baranski

Dactyloptera, build by Alexandr Jegorov.
More images and more information.

(Several More images)
Miller hydrofoil windsurfer. Description is at
More images.

(Several more images)
This is an International Moth class dinghy fitted with Tee foils. It has a trailing sensor arm to control the main foil and ride height. Total fully rigged weight is 30kg. Designed and built by Fastacraft in Australia. For more information see and also the class website at
Photos from John Ilett
More images.

(Several more images)
Rohan Veal sailing at the Moth world championships in France using a Fastacraft hydrofoils built by John Ilett in Western Australia.
He ended up 3rd overall and created a lot of interest about the foils on the international moth. He expects to see a lot more people using them in the future.
Rohan's website is at and more information about the class is in the box above.
Modified Bethwaite Mk II
More images and more information.

Broomstick - Hydrofoil Trimaran by Doug Halsey
Original images and more information.

Current Images and more information Nov 2007

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C-Class catamaran
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