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Goals and Desired Outcomes of the International Hydrofoil Society

(Update June 13, 2007 )

Survey for All IHS Members.

To All IHS Members.


I need to make it clear that most of our Board members are very much occupied carrying out the daily tasks required to keep the Society running.  The Board members CANNOT do it all!   So please take time to review this material and volunteer some of YOUR time to help where you believe you can. The IHS can use your active support no matter what your expertise in any given area. Please select the area(s) where you wish to help by identifying the GOAL No.(s) and Desired Outcome No.(s). Then please notify me (John Meyer, IHS President ) and Dennis Clark ASAP.  Please also make any suggestions you may have about HOW the IHS may reach the Desired Outcomes.  Subsequently, you will be contacted since there may be others who will want to participate in the same or related area.


Goal #1 - Communication Tools
Create and improve our communications tools for members using the services and products of IHS.
1. Web Site  *
4. Newsletter

7. Bulletin Board (A Global Repository)
8. Global Connectivity

17. Knowledge Gateway (Links and references)

9. Web Site Needs Improvement (Organization, FAQ’s, Navigation, Video)

14. Improve Viability of Newsletter (increase support for original articles and shorten the time to publish)

*    Blue are positive observations;    Others are areas needing improvement
Desired Outcomes

Priorities are in terms of A, B, C, and D
1.      Website maintained at least at current level of content. A
2.      Website automation expanded in selected areas both structurally and with better organization and navigational aids. . B
3.      Website staffing increased by a minimum of two volunteers to assist Bill White. B
4.      Bulletin Board effectiveness maintained at current level as a minimum. A
5.      Links expansion continued. A
6.      Website video capability established. D
7.      Establish IHS liaison with RINA and other societies. C
8.      Two board members to assist the Newsletter Editor in obtaining, screening and editing a goal of 3 additional member-               authored articles per issue. A

Goal # 2 - Knowledge Management
Organize and provide for members the acquired knowledge and experience of IHS in a user-friendly format and strive to capture and provide new information as it becomes available.
2. Sale of the CD’s (Collections of significant documents)

13. Significant Technical Influence

5. Need Roadmap for Formal Knowledge (Bibliography?)

7. Hydrofoil Design Criteria Not Published

18. Gather and Preserve personal Experience Files
19. Improve Relations with the Russians

 *    Blue are positive observations;    Others are areas needing improvement
Desired Outcomes

Priorities are in terms of A, B, C, and D
1.      Issue CD #3. C
2.      Provision of “roadmap” for CDs. B
3.      Provision of annotation for documents on CDs. B
4.      Establishment of linkage of CDs to other pertinent data bases (SNAME, FFI, etc.) (part of “roadmap”). D
5.      Provision of hydrofoil design tutorial. B
6.      Expand, reorganize, and update personal experience files. C
7.      Make members aware of critical hydrofoil documentation available on AMV CDs such as Hydrofoil Design Criteria, and          the ANVCE Hydrofoil Assessment  A
8.      Improvement of content and scheduling of Troika dinners. A
9.      Consolidate and edit design criteria information submitted by members via the BBS and incorporate into the website  A.
Goal # 3 – Membership
The IHS desires to retain and expand its existing hydrofoil knowledge inventory. In addition, financial support for these and other society activities will continue to be provided primarily through annual dues. Accordingly, the IHS must endeavor to increase its membership base by vigorous recruiting of new members and by increasing the value of membership to both new and existing members.
1. Obtaining New Members (goal = 4 per quarter)        
2. Level of Internal Participation

11. Networking Membership (e-mails, names)
12. Fellowship (Quarterly Meetings)

14. Sustains Operational Community ( PHM & International)

4. Need “Young Blood” (Replacement for leadership and support)

10. Membership Volatility (Retention issue)
16. Membership Knowledge Inventory (data base of experts)
18. Increase Operator Participation (i.e. more about cost of operations) Improve Value of membership

*    Blue are positive observations;    Others are areas needing improvement
Desired Outcomes

Priorities are in terms of A, B, C, and D
1.      Enhance the value of IHS membership and improve recruiting/retention methodology. A
2.      Establishment of national and international corporate memberships with suitable incentives, including corporate visibility in          the NL and website,  individual memberships, etc.  (involvement of worldwide hydrofoil designers, builders and operators          at the corporate level). A
3.      Accomplishment of an increase in membership worldwide of at least 4 per quarter.  A
4.       Establishment, and distribution to members, of a member “knowledge inventory”.  B

Goal #4 - Educational Outreach
Convey hydrofoil theory, technology, operational potential, history and "excitement" to worldwide Naval Architectural academia and to the international maritime museum community.
6. Academic Connectivity

3. Lack of Academic Support
4. Links to Academic Engineering Departments (weak)

6. Need an Educational Strategy

12. Improve Interaction with Museums (exhibits, virtual museum)

17. (Sponsor) Hydrofoil Design Competition

*    Blue are positive observations;    Others are areas needing improvement
Desired Outcomes

Priorities are in terms of A, B, C, and D

1.       Reestablishment of contacts with Naval Architecture schools worldwide starting with the 14 respondents to the CD#1                 offer (include at least the 51 who received the original letter).  Include an offer of a free CD#2 and introduce IHS, the                  website etc., soliciting student and faculty membership via their email distribution lists . A
2.      Mailing of free newsletters to libraries of all responding Universities. A
3.      Solicitation of participation in IHS educational activities on the part of the University faculties. B
4.      Complete study of potential of IHS sponsorship of a hydrofoil or hydrofoil hybrid passenger/car ferry design competition. B
5.      Establishment of contacts with at least ten worldwide maritime museums to encourage, and support, the development of                      hydrofoil exhibits (to include models, photos, videos etc.)  B
6.      Compilation of a database of available hydrofoil models and videos worldwide. D
7.      Solicitation of sponsorship for the IHS museum initiative by the Smithsonian Maritime Curator. B
8.       Maintenance of contacts with 28 embassy naval attaches. C

Goal # 5 - Society Management
To serve the worldwide hydrofoil community, the Society is to maintain a high level of leadership – active in providing technical support to the membership, planning local meetings, seeking a government advocate, maintaining a fiscal balance, supporting all lines of communication, and continuing the quest for IHS improvement.
7. Funding (Have remained in the “black”)

15. Store-like” Financial System (i.e. Pay Pal)
16. Society Leadership (Competent People)
17. Effective Execution of Activities

5. Membership Support (Limited help)

8. IHS Overall Plan / Roadmap (needs to be developed)

11. Expand the Scope of the Society to include AMV’s *
13. (Need) a Communications Strategy (for getting the word out)
14. Publicizing Local Meetings (get twice the people compare to now)

23. Need a Government Advocate

*    Blue are positive observations;    Others are areas needing improvement
Desired Outcomes

Priorities are in terms of A, B, C, and D

1.      Establishment of government IHS advocate(s). C
2.      Establishment of expanded industry IHS support. A
3.      Achievement of a minimum of 60-70 % Board member attendance at bi-monthly Board meetings. A
4.      Achievement of 100% participation in Board meetings through attendance and pre-meeting e-mails. A
5.      Identification of “replacement/understudy” individuals for key IHS management posts (“young blood”). B
6.      Completion and publication of an “IHS Plan” as a result of this planning effort. A
7.      Maintenance of a balanced budget with some surplus available for efforts such as CDs. B
8.      Expanded participation, in IHS management, of offshore Board members and correspondents. D
9.      Establishment of a “real-time” on line IHS member address directory (help for Steve – can be limited access). D
10.    Centralization of distribution of all items orderable from the  website (including production of all CDs by Lee Dick).  A


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