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The Premier Source For Descriptions and principal characteristics of Specific Military and Commercial Hydrofoils is Jane's Surface Skimmers, Hovercraft, and Hydrofoils

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High Speed Vessel Swift (HSV 2) Posted on 07/18/2006 4:04:45 PM PDT

MANAMA, Bahrain (NNS) -- U.S. Sailors and Marines from the USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) and the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) have been directed to assist in the authorized departure of American citizens from Lebanon.

The Iwo Jima Strike Group includes the amphibious ships Iwo Jima, USS Nashville (LPD 13) and USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41). USS Trenton (LPD 14) and High Speed Vessel Swift (HSV 2) have also joined the strike group.


Movie in Quick Time below:

swift mp4

WILLIWAW, The World's Fastest Hydrofoil Yacht. This is a companion video to David Keiper's book Hydrofoil Voyager. The book is about how David Keiper designed and built the 31'4" sailing yacht WILLIWAW, then logged almost 20,000 miles of cruising around the Pacific to test and fine tune the design. The video shows the yacht being operated, but does not show construction. Dave Keiper died of a heart attack on 27 Jun 98 at the age of 67. His book and video are currently out of print. If you would like to see a reprint or a scanned electronic version being made available, contact Frank Keiper; 1398 Thunderbird Ave.; Sunnyvale CA 94087; phone: 408-247-2481; email:; website:

"WaterCycling 2000 - The State of the Art" videos: There are eight hours of edited footage on four volumes, with sections on most of the famous hydrofoil Human Powered Boats (HPBs). Altogether there are over 200 boats on these tapes. A detailed segments listing can be found at, and all proceeds will be donated to the HPVA (Human-Powered Vehicle Association). The video is available in VHS-NTSC format for use in North America or Japan, and VHS-PAL format for Europe. Address questions to: Ron Drynan, VP/Water - HPVA; email:; website:

[13 Oct 03] The new Discovery Canada video Hydrofoils: Flying on Water is available in VHS format for $29.95, including shipping and handling within the U.S. and Canada. IHS assisted in compiling historical photos and video clips for this production. More details and a description of the video are on the internet at . To purchase a copy of the VHS tape, send a cheque or money order to: Lucy Decoutere; 1657 Barrington St., Suite 138; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Canada B3J 2A1; Tel: 902.446.3414; Email:

Laird: White Knuckle Extreme with Laird Hamilton. This bonus materials section of this DVD includes information about Laird Hamilton's hydrofoil surfboard design. No further details available.

Story of the Hydrofoil, the Flying Boat -16mm color movie.16 minutes on 9 inch reel and in metal can from Martin Moyer Productions, 1977... Includes motion picture footage of Alexander Graham Bell's HD-4 hydrofoil, a tour of the Boeing assembly plant ,and shots from Hong Kong and Hawaii.


Gun Boats by US News Video. Footage of patrol boats in both military and law enforcement capacities. SBU Special Boat Units are featured (predecessors to SWCC Special Warfare Combat Craft). PHM Hydrofoil Patrol Boats with Harpoon Missiles, river boats, and much more.

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More Video and Film References(No Photo Available)...

  1. [6 Oct 03] For hydrofoilers in the USA: The History Channel featured a segment about US Navy hydrofoils within its MAIL CALL television series on Sunday night, October 5th, at 10 pm EDT/PDT and 9 pm CDT. This segment included some never-before-seen archival footage taken in 1968 of the first fleet hydrofoil, TUCUMCARI, as well as a recent interview with her first Skipper (and IHS-member), Martinn Mandles. The International Hydrofoil Society is credited by the producers, and our IHS website is listed for viewers who would like to learn more about hydrofoils. The colorful host of MAIL CALL is a former Marine Corps drill instructor (and award-winning actor), R. Lee Ermey.
  2. A TV documentary about ice skate sailing in Sweden features one of the champion ice skate sailors Alexander Sahlin, the inventor of the Trampofoil and includes a little over a minute of nice footage of him talking about the Trampofoil and operating it in an indoor pool. Alexander has been the winner of the Swedish Championship Challenge Cup for ice sailing eight times. It was reported that he was a freelance inventor. Having studied aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, this led him to refine the design of the ice skate sail and also to develop the Trampofoil. Alexander had sold one hundred Trampofoils at the time of the production of the TV program, but the company is now out of business. The short documentary was produced by the German firm SWR in 2000 as a co-production with Deutsche Welle / Transtel. The English version was prepared by SBS Australia in 2001. The producer was Ingrid Eckerle. No further info available.
  3. On Feb.13, 2002 a show called Junkyard Wars was broadcast on The Learning Channel. This is the USA version of Scrapheap Challenge, broadcast in Britain Nov 18, 2001 by Channel 4. See As a participant in this breathtaking, already-a-cult series, (I outlined, developed and calculated a weird "scrap-craft") I consulted to the British team "Catalysts" (3 Jaguar engineers) in their battle against time and to the mighty American team "The Mulewrights". -- Claus-C. Plaass, Pickert- 10, 24143 Kiel, West Germany  (, phone: +49-431-36 800; USA showtime provided by Matt Kirk (
  4. Vintage Hydrofoils
  5. Brief History Of Hydrofoils
  6. Key West Florida Hydrofoil on Foils
  7. ENTERPRISE Hydrofoil (Betacam Master)
  8. H.S. DENISON Trials
  10. SEA LEGS In A Seaway
  11. H.M.C.S. BRAS D'OR
  12. PCH-1 Parafoil Ops
  13. Kawasaki Jetfoil
  14. Rodriquez RHS-200
  15. Kvaerner Fjellstrand FoilCat
  16. Mitsubishi Super Shuttle 400
  17. Westamarin FoilCat 2900 - In Rough Seas
  18.  40 M Flying Cat & FoilCat
  19. "Foilborne" - Story of PLAINVIEW
  20. Foils At Sea - PLAINVIEW
  21. PCH-1 Return to Navy
  22. PHM - PM Magazine Clip
  23. PHM Drug Operations
  24. PHM - "Ship Whose Time Has Come"
  25. PHM - Key West
  26. PHM-1 "Rough Water Trials" 
  27. PHM Granada Deployment
  28. PHM Last Flight (All six in formation)
  29. Hydrofoil Passenger Ferries
  30. ANV SWG-6 (Includes shots of SPARVIERO)
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