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Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) provides a mix of scientists, engineers, naval architects and technicians who are motivated to move ideas from concept through design and prototype. This work is performed for U. S. Government sponsors as well as commercial organizations. In most instances, MAPC works in the pre-competitive stage of development where the sponsor can use MAPC design materials and prototype hardware to obtain low cost production at low risk. MAPC maintains staff and facilities to prototype complex mechanical, electrical, thermal and electronic systems.

Advanced technology systems design and prototyping including naval architecture, marine, mechanical, aeronautical, electrical and automotive engineering.
Conventional and advanced marine vessel design and fabrication
Seakeeping and hydrodynamic performance prediction
Vessel motion control system design, fabrication, installation and testing
Electrical system design and fabrication
Welding, fabrication and machining of all materials
3D solid modeling and animations
Tow tank model design and construction
Composite structure and cast urethane fabrication

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