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HYDROSAIL Sailing Hydrofoils HYDROSAIL Ltd Liability Corporation (LLC) has over 50 years of experience designing, engineering, fabricating, and sailing hydrofoil boats and hydrofoil control systems. After designing a hydrofoil system that set world sailing speed records in 1979, the team at HydroSail moved forward to design hydrofoil systems which are practical for everyday sailors and racers! Whether coastal racing at over 30 knots, or just tacking out of a crowded harbor, these hydrofoils are a dream to sail.
HydroSail has the expertise to design boats of nearly any size which can fly fast. Designs for production boats, or custom racers from 16' to 60' can be built to meet one's needs.

Dr. Sam Bradfield's passion is sailing fast. He spent eight years teaching and researching at the University of Minnesota in aeronautical engineering before moving back to private industry and eventually to Florida. His expertise in fluid dynamics and advanced wind-powered watercraft eventually led from aircraft to sailpowered hydrofoils. He designed NF2, "Neither Fish Nor Fowl". NF2 captured and held the Class C world speed sailing record between 1978 and 1982.

Sam and his associates at Hydro- Sail, LLC, Mike McGarry and Tom Haman, set their sights on developing practical applications which could bring hydrofoil sailing and racing to regular folks. They developed foils for wind surfers and retrofits for existing multihulls. According to Mike, one of the problems with retrofits is that the original boats were not designed to handle the additional loads required to sail flat with hydrofoils. "It's much easier to design the boat right from scratch". Action photographs of 10 HydroSail, LLC prototype vehicles developed between 1973 and 2007 are shown on the website:
Current HydroSail design efforts are concerned with developing the electronic aspects of the sailing vehicle flight control system. The ultimate goals of the project are stabilization and comfort control of the vehicle.


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