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Latvian CATRI Sailing Hydrofoil (Aldis Eglajs)
Description, Advice, Sources of Information(Last Update: 11 Nov 03)

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[3 Jan 03] For current information on the Catri sailboats, Click Here to visit the website of Aegean, Inc., “North America’s Exclusive Manufacturer of Catri Hydrofoil Assisted Trimarans.” Also, Click Here to visit the Catri 27R page of in Brazil. — Barney C. Black (Please use the BBS to reply)

[17 Feb 99] I received some further information from Aldis Eglais in Latvia (Lettland), the designer of the Catri 26R MicroFoiler. At the moment I’m still in the planning phase of my project but I intend to build the boat this summer here in Switzerland. Aldis is offering the plans for a very good price (US$ 1,300), and I’m very close to ordering them. I’m waiting now for his study plans. I will keep you informed. His E-Mail: — Phil Schlund ( [Note: Phil Schlund’s email address no longer functions – Editor]


[17 Feb 99] There is a short article about the Catri 26 Trimaran on page 48 of Multihulls Magazine Mar/April 1998 edition. The address given is Aldis Eglajs; Maskavas 291/5-26; Riga LV-1063, Latvia; Tel/fax : +371 7258427. -editor

2nd Response…

[17 Feb 99] In Winter 1997-98 I did a project for a Dutch company called PJPC Multihulls. They wanted to build the Catri 26 for the European market to sell for about US$50,000. There were complete plans for making the (eastern European) ship suitable ( more comfortable) for the rest of Europe, which was part of my study (I was asked to design a mechanical device to lift the two swords). Unfortunately the Dutch company stopped their activities due to health problems of the owner, so I am at the moment looking for other tri-builders who could use my design. If you want to know more, contact me. — Maarten de Jong (

3rd Response…

[21 Feb 99] We are working out two types of Catri Foilers — trailerable cabin boat range (22′ 26′ 30′) and offshore cruising & racing range (35′ 39′ 45′). After very successful prototype tests in the Netherlands there are two shipyards in Latvia started with 22′ and 26′ and one in San Francisco starting with 26′. The first boats will be delivered this Summer. The 30′ will be started in March for delivery beginning 2000. There are some homebuilders in Australia and elsewhere. You can find our presentation and description of Catri 22, 26R, 30 as well as the draft price list in the attachment. — Aldis Eglajs, Catri Marine (

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