Go to the IHS YouTube Channel for latest video presentations to celebrate 50 years of the International Hydrofoil Society.

The International Hydrofoil Society will hold a 50th Anniversary Virtual Conference and Celebration 20 October through 19 November 2020, with participants and attendees around the world.

 No charge to attend, no registration required.

However, if you give your email address, we will send weekly updates and reminders so you can be sure not to miss sessions you want to attend. You will also receive the final PDF conference report.

 Click HERE to give us your email address. A form will be presented, but your email address is the only thing you need to give.

Sessions will be conducted on Zoom. For all sessions, use these:

 Meeting ID: 315 723 1248

 Password: r09YST.

Week 1 Abstracts and Biographies: Oct 20 and 22 (PDF download)

Week 2 Abstracts and Biographies: Oct 27 and 30 (PDF download

Week 3 Abstracts and Biographies: Nov 3 and 5 (PDF download)

Week 4 Abstracts and Biographies: Nov 10 and 12 (PDF download)

Week 5 Abstracts and Biographies: Nov 17 and 19 (PDF download) *NEW

Schedule of International Hydrofoil Society 50th Anniversary Conference & Celebration Zoom Sessions. (PDF download)

Here below is the complete schedule of sessions and also a table of times in various places around the world for each session. Session times have first of all been established for the convenience of the presenters in their own locations.

Note: Presentations identified with * will have an associated pre-recorded video presentation uploaded to the IHS YouTube Hydrofoil Channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHZDDNMvsa9JFi6YcFfrooQ

These will not be replayed during the live sessions so the audience should preferably view these in advance of the Q&A sessions or panel discussion. Other presentations will be live, but will be recorded then also uploaded to YouTube.