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Commercial Operating Costs
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Jetfoil 929-115 Operators…

[2 Dec 00]We are trying to locate who owns and/or operates Boeing Jetfoil Model 929-115. We shall appreciate which way we can trace them. — Michael Pechlivani (; SETE Technical Services S.A.; P. O. Box 5166, Jeddah 21422; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tel. No. 00966-2-6220022 Ext. 3160; Fax. No. 00966-2-6991082

Response…[2 Dec 00, updated 14 Nov 02] I consulted the Fast Ferry International database in response to your question. This data dates back to 1995:

  • Far East Hydrofoils Co Ltd., Shun Tak Centre, 200 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong, +81 25 245 7255 (voice) +81 25 247 8830 (fax) operates several 929-115s… TERCEIRA, HORTA, FUNCHAL, LILAU, TAIPA, and CACILHAS.
  • Sado Kisen Kaisha, 9-1 Bandaijima, Niigata 950, Japan, operates MIKADO, and GINGA
  • JetLine, Regati. Pst. 1-6K 324A, EE0019 Tallin, Estonia operates one named JET 7. [no luck finding JetLine listed anywhere currently – webmaster]
  • Oostende Lines, Madouplein 1, 1030 Brussels, Belgium operates PRINCESSE CLEMENTINE and PRINSES STEPHANIE. [Per the Dec 00 issue of Classic Fast Ferries Cyberzine, these two vessels are now owned by a German company Adler Schiffe and its operating company Insel- und Halligreederei, have been renamed SEAJET KARA and SEAJET KRISTEN, and are operating in Southern Florida under the corporate name of SeaJet Bahamas, Ltd.] [no longer in operation — webmaster]

The above info should give you a starting point. — Barney C. Black (Please use the BBS to reply)

West Palm Beach FL to Freeport, Grand Bahama By Hydrofoil…

[29 Aug 00, updated 7 Oct 03] For all of you that are interested in riding a Boeing Built Jetfoil: We operate between West Palm Beach, Florida and Freeport, Grand Bahama. Our operation is almost a year old and reception to this “unique” type of marine transportation has been fairly good. After our annual drydocking we are looking forward to a very successful second year and we invite everyone to come fly with us to the Bahamas. Please see for more information or email me. — Andrew Pisani (; Director of Maintenance, Seajets Inc. [webmaster’s note: Sea Jets appears to have discontinued operations, but we believe Andrew Pisani’s email address is still good.]

Jetfoil Operating Costs…

[9 Nov 97] Does anyone have reliable cost data on the experience with the Jetfoil ferries operating in Hong Kong. I’m interested in operating and maintenance costs as well as any recent cost experience in building new boats. — Stan Siegel (

Response…[20 Apr 02] A recent “for sale” announcement for sister Jetfoil 929-117s listed fuel consumption as 1200 L/Hr at 42 – 43 kts — Barney C. Black (Please use the BBS to reply)

[29 Aug 00, updated 8 Oct 03] I am the Director of Maintenance of a company in West Palm Beach, Florida that operates a Boeing 929 Jetfoil to Freeport, Grand Bahama. I would be happy to answer your questions, feel free to contact me by email and visit our website at email: [Editor’s Note: SeaJets, Inc. has apparently ceased operations. We believe that Andrew Pisani’s email address is still good.]

[30 May 99] It is not a good idea to operate a JETFOIL of this type. The best and most economical designs are the KOMETA type hydrofoils built in the USSR. CREW : 5; Diesel consumption; 220 ltrs/hour; Speed : 32 knots; Annual cost for repairs : $12 – 15,000. If you need more info please contact me or view our site : . — Michalis Roditis (

2nd Response…

[10 Nov 97] I think a lot of useful information of this kind appears in articles in Fast Ferry International. I don’t recall when I last saw anything about Jet Foils, but I’m sure it has been there at times. In FFI you can find info on seasonal and annual traffic, revenues, profitability, various aspects of cost, costs of acquiring new craft (of all types) and facilities, etc. One may speculate on the reliability of some of it, but my own opinion is that it’s generally credible. I’m inclined to think that if companies don’t want certain info to get out, they hold it close – and don’t put out spurious information just to confuse people. A fair amount of the same kinds of information is presented at annual industry conferences such as Ferries’97 or Cruise+ Ferry, though again I don’t know when Jet Foils per se may have been discussed. — Bill Hockberger (

3rd Response…

[10 Nov 97] The most reliable operating cost data for Jetfoils would be available from Far East Hydrofoil of Hong Kong. How much they would willing to share I don’t know. We had data from about 12 years ago on operating Jetfoils which was published on our world side study. That was good data as about 1985 which could be adjusted for time and labor costs. As to vehicle cost data Far East would again be the best source for selling costs as they bought them from Boeing, Kawasaki and now from China Shipbuilding. China Shipbuilding for obvious reason doesn’t call them Jetfoils but PS 30s. But they are essentially the same design. For the Boeing built Jetfoils, Boeing has reams of data if they would share it. This data was turned over to Kawasaki and they were able to build at lower costs than Boeing by using small production, shipyard techniques (much less tooling). — Bob Johnston

Far East Hydrofoils…

[10 Nov 97] Do you know of any contacts for Far East Hydrofoil or for China Shipbuilding? Is there a U.S. representative for any of this? — Stan Siegel (

Response…[10 Nov 97] According to the FFI database, here is the address of Far East Hydrofoils: Far East Hydrofoil; Shun Tak Centre; 200 Connaught Road; Central; Hong Kong; phone +852 2859 3111; fax +852 2559 6471. Far East Hydrofoil seems to be the operator with the most hydrofoils. There are also several operators in Japan, one in Spain, and one in Belgium with Jetfoils. As for China Shipbuilding, if you mean China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), the state-owned enterprise that controls the most of shipbuilding industry in China, including shipbuilding, engines, and ship equipments… well, that is a large organization with many plants. We have a Chinese contact (through Dr. Frank Peterson in the USA) that could possibly suggest who/where to contact if you can tell him reasonably specifically what you want. He is Professor Shi-Tang Dong ( — Barney C. Black (


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