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PCH-1 HIGH POINT: Updated with John Meyer and Barney Black supplied photos from USN archives, 5 Oct. 2010

(PCH-1 Harpoon Launch B/W)

(PCH-1 at Speed)

(PCH-1 Towing)

(PCH-1 Cruising the Littorals)

(PCH-1 In Slings)

(PCH-1 With Harpoons)

(PCH-1 Harpoon Launch)

(PCH-1 Supercav Propellers)

(PCH-1 Vertrep Helo)

(PCH-1 Over the Bar)

(PCH-1Golden Gate Bridge)

(PCH-1 Kite Flying)


PCH-1 Harpoon Launch B/W)

(PCH-1Golden Gate Bridge)


PCH-1 Stern view)


PCH-1 leading Tucumcari 1969)

Grumman design FLAGSTAFF (PGH-1)



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More information & more photos
AGEH-1 PLAINVIEW – Auxiliary General Experimental Hydrofoil; initial design by Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp.;

Detail design and construction by Lockheed Shibuilding and Construction Co. (formerly Puget sound Bridge and Drydock Co.), Seattle WA teamed with W. C. Nickum & Sons, Ruker, General Electric, Hamilton Standard, and Lockheed California.

320 ton with two gas turbine engines of 14,000 hp each.

Maiden Flight Mar 68; delivered to the US Navy Mar 69; last flight Jul 78.

More information about her present condition
Correspondence About PLAINVIEW
A brief history of Plainview






PLAINVIEW as she sits on the Washington side of the columbia River a couple miles from the Astoria Bridge. More information
U.S. Navy Photo of the HYDROFOIL U.S.S. PLAINVIEW, 1968. Official U. S. Navy photograph. At the time she was the world’s largest hydrofoil vessel. This photo shows her underway at great speed with her hull completely out of the water.
PCH-1 and AGEH-1 in close formation

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