US Navy Fleet Hydrofoil — PHM


USS PEGASUS (PHM-1) US Navy Patrol Combatant Hydrofoil – Missile built by Boeing Marine, launched Jun 74; first foilborne flight Feb 75; commissioned into service Jul 77.



Commissioned July 1982 Ship’s Badge on Badges page







U.S.S. Taurus PHM-3

Commissioned October 1981

PDF of PHM3 commissioning brochure.
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Commissioned December 1981

Underway in the
Gulf of Mexico


With a Jetfoil







USS Aries (PHM-5)

Commissioned April 1982

Emergency Landing!

(3 photos)

(30k total)
At Launch

USS Gemini (PHM-6)

Commissioned June 1982

Newspaper photo of Gemini being delivered to PSNS by Boeing.













3 PHMs as they are today.
More photos
An artists impression of the proposed Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) variant NATO Patrol Hydrofoil. Rather than the harpoon missiles on the quarterdeck, this variant seemed to have been planned to be fitted with Exocet missiles rather than Harpoon.
PHMs under construction



General arangement drawing of the PHM scanned from the September 1981 extract of Maritime Defence

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