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eBay Fraud Attempt – Beware!

[3 Mar 03] eBay Fraud Attempt – Beware! Although IHS does not endorse or recommend specific products and services, the IHS website and newsletter often mention eBay and other internet auction sites as a means for buying and selling hydrofoil memorabilia, old books and magazines about hydrofoils etc. As IHS webmaster, I am a heavy user of eBay for this purpose.

  • I received an email from eBay today (early Sunday a.m.) telling me to update my billing information within 24 hours or else have my account closed. This email seemed authentic, but there were clues to make me suspicious: short turnaround time, consequences for no response too severe, and some unusual English phrasing. When I clicked on a link in the message to do this, I was taken to a website in the UK, and the URL seems to have nothing to do with eBay. That webpage has an authentic-looking form for entering userid, password, credit card info, etc. with liberal use of the eBay logo. The only think a bit odd about the page is the strange URL and some awkward English. Also, this seems a very insecure way for eBay to do business. So I believe the email and webpage to be a fraud. If not a fraud, then it is a most ill advised approach to be taken by eBay.
  • I hope that none of our IHS members and visitors has received this same email, but if you did, please do not follow the instructions. If you have already gone and entered your eBay userid, password, and credit card info, I would suggest you call your credit card company immediately to check if rampant purchases have already been made. If not, have the company close or put a hold on the account, or get them to put a password on the account for any charge over some dollar threshold that you choose. Also go to eBay and change your password!

This is about the most elaborate fraud I have seen yet… it seems very real except for the fact that it comes on a Sunday with only a 24-hour turnaround time, and a bit of bad English in the text on the website. This incident indicates the need to be wary always when doing business over the internet. Responsible companies will not solicit your password or financial information by email. Always check the URL when you enter such info to be sure you are where you think you are. And of course everyone should install virus protection software and personal firewall… and keep the virus signatures up to date. — Barney C. Black (Please use the BBS to reply)

The Internet Ideal?

[15 Feb 03] You are so kind to help me understand what vehicle I needed to find. I also heard from another member and noticed replies posted. Your group, if I may say, seems like the Ideal of what the internet has to offer — usefulness to members of the association and the introduction of ideas to those outside of membership. I’m honored to have connected with your website and the people in your group. At this juncture, I don’t see membership in the picture for myself — but I will certainly recommend this to anyone I bump into who has an interest in hydrofoils. Thank you for your generous help and kindness. — Betsy Fry, Exhibit Manager, AEROSPACE AMERICA INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW

More Spam-Fighting Hints

[20 Mar 02] Include COMPLETE HEADERS!!! When sending in complaints regarding email and news reports please make sure that you include complete header information. Abbreviated headers are often bogus and provide us with little information to work with. Here are some handy links for you:

— EarthLink AUP Abuse Staff (

Spam With Forged Headers

[20 Mar 02] Spammers frequently forge the header of their message to make it appear as though the email comes from a mainstream internet provider like or In general, the numeric IP addresses within the spam headers are a much better indication of the email’s true origins. An email header is read from bottom to top beginning with the routing lines which always begin with ‘Received:’. As all header text can be forged, search the IP address beginning at which is the American Registry of Internet Numbers. If the IP isn’t serviced in either North or South America, this site will refer you to the applicable registry to find the Internet Service Provider. Forward the spam including the expanded header to abuse@ or postmaster@ for the domain name listed. — Abuse Department, USA.Net, Inc. (

How To Post a Message Here

[13 Jan 02] I have been looking over your web site for about 35 minutes and can’t figure out how to post a message. What am I doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated. — Chris Heuer (

Response…[13 Jan 02, updated 7 Apr 02] Just send the message to and ask that it be posted for you… for various reasons, the IHS postings are by hand via the webmaster… not automated like a bulletin board. This is in the process of changing, however. We are going to implement an automated bulletin board.

Foilers Targeted by Murderers, Kidnappers, Extortionists, and Scam Artists?

[13 Jan 02] I am attaching a message I received as a result of my notice on the IHS website:

“Subject: INVESTMENT PLAN; From: JOHNSON KABAR; TEL: +233 27- 529-703; Attn: Managing Director. I am writing with my personal respect with regards to your reposed personality/ firm as a reliable, trustworthy and God fearing. I got your contact through a reliable source and I decided to solicit assistant from you. Indeed I am the SON of MICHAEL KABAR from Sierra Leone. I and my MOTHER are presently staying in Ghana as refugees; my father was one of the Ministers of Johnny Paul Koromah’s regime in Sierra Leone. During the intervention of the ECOMOG soldiers to restore the presidency  of Alhaji Tejan KABBAH from Johnny Koromah, my father was among the 23 executed Ministers. As our bread winner is dead (my father) and our stay in Sierra Leone is no more safe. I and my mother decided to move to Ghana a neighboring African country for safety. Due to our status in Ghana as refugees I was forced to lodge our family treasure two metallic gold boxes in a security company here in Accra, Ghana for safety. Ever since then we have been receiving help from our mission, because we are staying in one of the visitors villa in the church premises and attends fellowship and worship fully. I believe that God will touch you to understand my request. We have agreed to sale this gold and invest the money valuable in any overseas country through your assistance and  directives. You will provide or look for a lucrative venture where this money can be invested on. and also buyers for the Gold depending on the current market value. Before proceeding, we will get to be more familiar and also into an understanding working agreement because our family’s future now depends on this items. The boxes containing the gold were all deposited and registered as a family treasures. This was done for security reasons. We would like to know what you will take as your percentage for assisting us. We sincerely wish to introduce and make you our business partner and overseer of our proposed investment in your country. We are prepared to send all the documents regarding to this deposit as soon as you show your immediate response by phone call or by Email.

I would suspect that many others have received this as well – members should be aware that this is a West African organized crime scam which is well known to the police authorities in the UK and no doubt in US as well. Their advice is to simply ignore the e-mail. — David Jacobs (

Responses…[13 Jan 02] Allowing one’s email address to appear anywhere on the internet opens up the potential of receiving junk mail because junk mailers have programs that scan the internet looking for any and all email addresses. Thus it is possible that a posting on the IHS site or any other bulletin board or web page) could lead to junk mail. On request, IHS will gladly omit the email address for anybody who posts a message that does not invite a response. If you want a response to your posted message, however, you must post your email address. As a volunteer organization, IHS does not have the staff to receive and forward emails so as to screen out the email addresses. We did consider “coding” the email addresses in such a way that that these searching programs do not recognize them (example: instead of but people (who have brains) can easily recognize them. We have not used this technique because it would eliminate the convenient links that allow you to just click on an email address to respond, automatically sending a copy to the webmaster. This is a key feature of the IHS’s service to its members in responding to questions and sharing the knowledge generated thereby with all members. The junk mail you sent is an example of a “get rich quick” scam that originated in Nigeria, and evidently is being emulated in other African countries. When this scam first started, several people were lured to Nigeria and held for ransom, and I believe even killed in one or two cases. There are many variants to the details of this message, but the basis is the same… the sender wants to put millions of dollars into your bank account and give you a big percentage for your trouble. I personally have received as many of seven of these bogus offers in a single day, and got a total of 12 in one week. Most people probably have the luxury of using their email filters to eliminate anything that has “investment” in the subject line or “Nigeria” in the text. Unfortunately for your webmaster, who receives legitimate email from around the world, including possibly Nigeria, that is not an option. Needless to say, no one at IHS will be giving out a blank deposit slip to anyone in Nigeria. Your advice to ignore these and all junk mail messages is good. — Barney C. Black (Please use the BBS to reply)

[15 Jan 02] I have received dozens of these letters. I found out that the best way to handle it is to forward the letter to the Secret Service; I talked to the local agent here in Orlando; send to: Don’t expect a reply but they work on every one of these. — Doug Lord (

[4 Apr 02] More details on how spammers can pull email addresses off the internet: This text is excerpted from an advertisement for such capability recently received (as spam, of course): “Want To Get A Lot Of Email Addresses In A Very Short Time? Easy Email Searcher is a powerful Email software that harvests general Email lists from mail servers Easy Email Searcher can get 100,000 Email addresses directly from the Email servers in only one hour! Easy Email Searcher is a 32 bit Windows Program for e-mail marketing. It is intended for easy and convenient search large e-mail address lists from mail servers. The program can be operated on Windows 95/98/ME/2000 and NT. Easy Email Searcher support multi-threads (up to 512 connections). Easy Email Searcher has the ability to reconnect to the mail server if the server has disconnected and continue the searching at the point where it has been interrupted. Easy Email Searcher is an email address searcher and bulk e-mail sender. It can verify more than 5500 email addresses per minute at only 56Kbps speed. It even allows you send email to valid email addresses while searching.” It is most unfortunate that people who want to use public forums such as that provided by IHS have to endure being targeted by spammers in this manner. — Barney C. Black (Please use the BBS to reply)

Website Statistics

[16 Dec 01] Here are some of the highlights from an analysis of IHS website activity for the six days 12/5/01 to 12/11/01 to give an idea of visitor habits:

  • The site received total 2,382 visits during that time period, an average off 340 visits per day. The average time per visit is 7 minutes; median is 3 minutes. Of course some people (such as myself!) visited more than once. It is possible to identify many visitors through cookies and other techniques, but not all. The analysis was able to identify the visitor in 1,628 out of the 2,382 total visits. Of these, 1,309 visited once;319 visited more than once.
  • The most popular pages, not counting the main page are the links page (232 views), the posted messages main page (231 views), and the radio-controlled models page (144 views).
  • The most popular files downloaded were the sample newsletter (157 downloads), the information on sale of SHEARWATER 5 and 6 (76 downloads), the overview of the Catri foiler (61 downloads), the history of IHS (53 downloads), the Table of Contents for the Advanced Marine Vehicle (AMV) CD-ROM (48 downloads), and the review of David Keiper’s book Hydrofoil Voyager about his ocean-going yacht WILLIWAW (45 downloads).

— Barney C. Black (Please use the BBS to reply)

AMV CD-ROM Testimonial

[16 Dec 01] We are so impressed with the information that the AMV CD-ROM contains – both the volume of data and the quality. It must have been a monumental job to get it all together; many thanks. — Jim Stewart (

Guidelines For IHS Newsletter Authors

[16 Dec 01] In response to many requests, I will provide a note of explanation about lengths of articles for the newsletter:

  • The newsletter is published in both hard-copy and electronic editions. The hard-copy version is limited to 16 pages. The electronic edition is not limited in the number of pages… the first 16 pages are identical to the hard copy, and the remaining pages are devoted to extra pages for the members who use the internet.
  • What does this mean to the author of an article? For the main article in an edition of the newsletter (the “cover story”), length is limited to 2 or 3 pages. For a regular article, the limit is 1 or 1-1/2 pages. For a news “blurb” the limit is 1 or 2 columns. These are approximations only, and the editor can a does make exceptions when justified.
  • How can an author “work around” the length constraints?
    • In several cases we have published a long article in two versions. A short version or a summary went into the hard copy edition, and a continuation or an expanded version appeared after page 16 in the electronic version of the same issue.
    • When a long article is not time sensitive (for example, an article on hydrofoil history), we can publish it in two or more parts in succeeding issues.
    • Where it is necessary to shrink the size of photos in the hard copy, it is possible to add larger versions of the same photos in the electronic version to show detail. It is also possible to put additional photos in the electronic edition that there was not room for in the hard copy.

There are exceptions to these guidelines, at the editor’s discretion. In one case we published a special extra edition devoted to a single long article that was of exceptional quality and interest. — Barney C. Black (Please use the BBS to reply)

Likes Foils Since Greece

[3 Sep 01] Just thought I’d say what a great Website this is and I can safely say it’s providing me with many hours of pleasure when I should be working! I’ve always fancied building a hydrofoil as a university project. I thought my idea for a wave-slicing hydrofoil was original, so I was amazed to read all about the PHMs and Jetfoils that already utilise a fully-submerged foil system, but it hasn’t put me off and we’ll just have to see if I can do better! I suppose I’ve always been an engineer, one of those people who has to know how everything works. I’ve always loved hydrofoils after many holidays in Greece where many of the V-foiled Russian hydrofoils now reside. I’m hoping that my degree studies in fields such as Control, Electronics, Mechanics, Aerodynamics and Materials should actually provide me with a good basis for building a hydrofoil. I’m on a year out working for one of the world’s leading Aerospace and Defence companies, but I’m already starting to consider my project; I may send you any conceptual designs I create to see if I can get any advice. — Mark Landers (; BAE SYSTEMS Advanced Technology Centre; Great Baddow Chelmsford

Update: The AltaVista Search Engine Controversy

[29 May 01] Let me take a crack at fixing your AltaVista problem for you. Being a member of the USS PEGASUS Pegasus (PHM1) crew was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Great ships and proud crews. I was glad to read to comments regarding the break-up of PEGASUS, she was a fighter to the last! — Your shipmate, Steve (Jolly) Novell (, former OS1 (1991-93) USS PEGASUS (PHM1), Systems Manager, Information Technologies, AltaVista The search company

Response…[29 May 01] Glad to see a fellow foiler at work for AltaVista. Our problem seems to have gone away with the new website URL. AltaVista is no longer blacklisting IHS’s website. — Barney C. Black (Please use the BBS to reply)

Website Comments From Italy

[18 Jan 01] Let me introduce myself as an old hydrofoils fan. I am 52 years old, and I have been working for the Italian aeronautical industry Alenia, in Naples since 1985. When I was a young student , I was in Sicily, in Messina, where Mr. Rodriquez was just launching the first hydrofoils production. The first PT20, FRECCIA DEL SOLE was starting her trials, and I was among the people astonished by the speed of this new boat, spending my free time to observe, from the seaside, its unusual shape flying over the waves. Now I am among the Hydrofoil Society site visitors, and I am very pleased to collect the hydrofoil images (they are on my save screen!). Regarding another smaller industry, which was producing commercial hydrofoils during the second half of the sixties, in Messina, no information seems to be available in your site, neither in the web. The name was SEAFLIGHT shipyard, and they started producing a little foil: the type CD 46. Later on, some years after, a bigger hydrofoil was produced: the type H 57. The only picture available seems to be taken from a RED FUNNEL postcard. I have some additional pictures. — Lorenzo Bonasera (email address withheld)

Response…[18 Jan 01] Thank you for your email. I have included the picture of the H-57 on the IHS website, and I will be adding the other pictures later. All pictures and information are appreciated. — Malin Dixon (


[28 Oct 00, updated 3 Nov 02] I was just by the IHS website for a visit and note that on your “Hydrofoil Articles in Popular Magazines” you have a reference to our boat as featured on the Multihulls World cover and article. Just to update you, we have been given some good press from many magazines including, Seahorse Magazine (Nov.2000), Multihulls Magazine (Mar/Apr 2000), Composites Fabrication (March 2000), Canadian Yachting Magazine (Regatta 2000), Yachting World (July[??] 2000). Ironically, we have not received any press to date from the magazines such as Popular Mechanics or Popular Science! I had thought I would get some interest from them, given their history of publishing articles on such advanced vessels. We also have a website. Our project is coming together, both on the defense side and for the recreational/racing boats, and much goes on behind the scenes as we pull the program into shape. I will have significant press releases in the early new year which you will receive as part of our media contact list. — Duff Sigurdson, Media Relations, HydroWing Hawaii, Tel./Fax. (1) 250 753-9747, email: (, website: [14 Jul 04 Editor’s note: the hydrowinghawaii site seems to have dropped off the web.]

About the New Website

[8 Sep 00] I wish to congratulate you for becoming an independent new web site and keep up this amazing work. Your activities have been priceless and are fulfilling a vital role for the hydrofoil community worldwide. When browsing your IHS announcement page, it came by surprise to find out the news about the new passenger hydrofoil “Jetfoil” operating between Florida and the Bahamas Is. Does that mean hydrofoils have been revived in USA as the ultimate means of transport or perhaps just lucky “one off” commercial operation? How does the public in US feel about recreational hydrofoil versions of RAVE and TRIFOILER? — Michael BARANSKI ( website:

Hydrofoil Service in Greece

[9 Sep 00, updated 28 Jul 03] Just a note to let you know the “Island Hopping by Hydrofoil” article you reprinted in the IHS Newsletter is still on the web. — deTraci Regula, Greece for Visitors Guide, (email:

Will Change Link on My Site

[6 Sep 00] Thank You for the updated information. We will change the links on our website to Best Wishes and congratulations on an outstanding job with the Society. I really enjoy reading the Newsletter from cover-to-cover. — Glenn Nesbitt, American Hydrofoil, P.O. Box 1443, Santa Barbara, CA 93102 Phone: 805-963-9825 (

AltaVista Search Engine to the International Hydrofoil Society

[21 Aug 00, updated 29 May 01] You have been blocked from submitting because we consider certain pages on your site, the machine/program generated pages, to be “spam” (pages which lack content and are only there to draw the user further into your site). If you contact us once you have corrected this problem, we will review your site again and consider unblocking it. — AltaVista Support Team

Response…[21 Aug 00, updated 29 May 01] AltaVista is no longer blocking the IHS, now that we have our own domain name and after a couple of other small changes were made. — Barney C. Black (Please use the BBS to reply)

A Hydrofoil Mailing List?

[8 Aug 99] Do you want me to set up an email mailing list for the IHS? Anyone who wanted to subscribe (or unsubscribe) would email me, and I would add them to the list. This would be a manual process. Anyone who wanted to post a message would email another address (to be determined) and that would get a copy forwarded to anyone on the list. I could post an archive every month or so on the web. — Malin Dixon (

Response…[8 Aug 99] (Malin Dixon operates the photo gallery section of the IHS website. – Ed.) There has not been an apparent demand for this. Note that we set up a Delphi forum to do much the same thing, but it has not generated any interest. We are also concerned that it might harm the effectiveness of this posted message page, which we actively edit and moderate. We also take initiative on this page to forward inquiries to specific people who may be qualified and willing to respond. — Barney C. Black (Please use the BBS to reply)

[7 Apr 02] As time has passed, this idea’s time has come. The manual system of posting messages, while it serves the needs of our correspondents excellently, has become to cumbersome. We are in the process of switching to an automated bulletin board.

[6 Mar 99] Have just downloaded the Winter 98/99 NL with excellent results – particularly the color photos. Many thanks. — Jim Stewart (

[3 Jul 98] I have been interested in hydrofoils since 1965 when I did my thesis in Mechanical Engineering on this topic. I will soon be moving to Plymouth, England where I will have the opportunity to work as a hobbyist/experimenter to work on some ideas which have long been dormant. I am very impressed by your web site and the rich set of links to other material. I learned more in two hours on the web than I every did (or could) when I did my thesis! My particular interest is in building a two person water-jet runabout along the lines of the Interflight Hydrofoiler featured in the Autumn ’97 Newsletter. — Joe Gilling ( )

[22 Mar 98] Just greetings, from Chile. I like very much the pages like this, no graphics that only makes me WAIT WAIT WAIT … The information is the important thing. Thank you. — Juan Fernandez (, Roman & Cia. Ltd.

[23 Mar 98] For Juan Fernandez: Thank you very much for your gracious comments. I am happy to learn that someone in Chile is interested in hydrofoils. You may like to read a short autobiography by a hydrofoil pioneer and your countryman Helmut Kock. Go to // — Barney C. Black (Please use the BBS to reply)

[20 Mar 98] As one of the very first life member of the Society I would like to congratulate you for your efforts in maintaining the Society alive. I congratulate you for your idea of making available the Newsletter on the web. I would like to use this means in lieu of having it mailed by post. I am also taking this opportunity to offer you a number of comments: Accessing the newsletter directly from the web can be in some areas quite a problem or at least a long process. Not always the web ( I do mean the backbones) are free enough to permit a fast transfer of the file. I would like to suggest that the Newsletter should be sent as an e-mail. In so doing it will be easy to download the same from our provider, and no password is necessary. I have the impression that the Newsletter is strongly focused on US attempts, both past and present, in the hydrofoil field. A wider coverage and a more international content is needed. I am also under the impression that interest in the hydrofoil is fading. Very few yards are pursing this concept. Rodriquez itself seems not to be interested in developing new ideas. Is there anything that can be done to foster a new breed of hydrofoils? A few ideas:

An agreement between IHS and Fast Ferry Magazine

Make available all studies carried out in the USA on the field via IHS web pages

Disseminate the hydrofoil ideas to all shipyards building fast ferries

Pool all interested members to built a task force available to sell their knowledge

The hydrofoil history area of the IHS site gives little information about the Surface Piercing Hydrofoil System or the Italian and Russian design, which is simple to build. As a retiree of Rodriquez Shipyard where I have been working in the technical field for over 25 years and 6 years in the responsibility of Sales Manager I have a number of pictures and info you might be interested in. I am attaching a picture an RHS160 formerly owned by Trasmediterranea and now under Greek flag operating in the Ceres fleet. — Diego G. Mazzeo (

Spammer Trap

[29 Jun 02] The following are all fake email addresses… a spam trap. Any spammer attempting to grab email addresses from our web site will most likely be using a script which simply follows links and remembers email addresses it comes across. This page will keep sending them fake email addresses until their script achieves its quota. Later when these spammers attempt to send their unwanted email, the fake addresses we have provided will cause their spam to be returned to them undelivered. Wasting their time and money instead of ours. Coded by SolidBlue Software to fight the war on spam.






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