Pages From the History of Hydrofoils — LINKS TO PAPERS

Pages From the History of Hydrofoils

The International Hydrofoil Society (IHS) presents pages from the history of hydrofoils… selected articles and photos from the IHS newsletter and other sources, written by and about people who were there (and in many cases are still here). Enjoy!

International Hydrofoil Society — the First 25 Years by Bob Johnston
A Brief History of PLAINVIEW (AGEH-1) by John R. Meyer, Jr.
PCH-1 HIGH POINT history by Bill Ellsworth and archived correspondence
History of the PHM — Patrol Combatant (Missile) Hydrofoil 1973 to 1993 by George Jenkins (please be patient with the blank white screen you see in Microsoft Explorer browser while this Adobe Acrobat file loads and opens… it takes time due to color photo on the first page).
Mr. Smith’s Amazing Sailboats. Author of The 40-Knot Sailboat, Bernard Smith was working for the US Navy at China Lake in the 1950s when he began designing hydrofoil sailboats and making models of them. His first full size craft was built in 1959 after he had moved on to Newport RI. By 1962 he had a well-functioning craft, which was dubbed LITTLE MERRIMAC as sort of a response to Gordon Baker’s MONITOR.
In Memoriy of IHS Past President, John R. Meyer Jr.
In Memory of Helmut Kock — Biography
In Memory of Ed Butler — Rememberances by Dottie Butler and John Adams
In Memory of Bob Johnston — the eulogy by his son David, and the tribute by Bill Ellsworth
The Drama of the Hanning-Lee WHITE HAWK
The Intriguing Story of George Meinas
Rostislav Yevgenievich Alekseev (Link 2) (Link 3) (Rev 040120wnw)
David A. Keiper and WILLIWAW
High Speed Crash of FRESH-1
Chief of Naval Operation (CNO)’s First Hydrofoil Ride by Bob Johnston
The CIGAR by Bob Johnston & Jean Buhler
The Gordon Baker Story by Bob Johnston… also Posted Messages About MONITOR
In Memory of Baron Hanns von Schertel
Helmut Kock, A Hydrofoil Designer and Builder by Helmut Kock
ALBATROSS I and the Commercial Hydrofoil Era in America
Rodriquez Cantieri Navali’s History by Dott. Ing. Leopoldo Rodriquez
In Memory of Mel Brown
A Hydrofoil Evening with Paulette Goddard
The Rise and Fall of Miami Shipbuilding by Bob Johnston
Canada’s Fast Hydrofoil Escort FHE 400 HMCS BRAS D’OR On Display by Phil Yarnall and John Meyer***
Hydrofoil Photo Gallery
In Memory of Robert K. Ripley, Jr.
Up-Right Hydrofoil Kits, by Tom Lang (Includes hard-earned advice for adding hydrofoils to motorboats)
Rich Miller’s Hydrofoil Sailboard
Charles R. Denison and HS DENISON by John R. Meyer, Jr.
Supramar PT Series Hydrofoils by John R. Meyer, Jr.
Gotthard Sachsenberg
German Navy Proves Hydrofoils Unfit For Peace or War