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Dedicated to Ken Spaulding, long time IHS leader who was the guiding spirit in bringing this Hydrofoil Museum to life. He passed away on 27 Nov 2009 shortly after launching the Museum.

The International Hydrofoil Society (IHS) is an all volunteer, not-for-profit organization of and for people who design, build, operate, or simply are interested in commercial, military, research, or recreational hydrofoils of any size... power (including human power!) or sail. Other sites are beautiful, but this site is fast, lean, and totally devoted to hydrofoils. Every page, every word, on the IHS site has been created by hand through the contributions of our members and the people who correspond with us. You too can participate, whether you are a member or not.

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Last updated April 25, 2014


Will be held Thursday,16 October 2014

For Details or to pay online, by 10 October, go to

Make reservations by noon Friday, 10 October with Allen Ford at or Bill Hockberger at

(Download Announcement here)


log1IHS Mandles Prize

IHS Mandles Prize for Hydrofoil Excellence


Announcement of Awards

By Mark R. Bebar, President – IHS

August 1, 2014

As you know, IHS has been conducting a competition for the Mandles Prize for Hydrofoil Excellence. Mr. Martinn Mandles, a long-time member of IHS, and his wife Connie generously offered to fund up to $5,000 a year in IHS hydrofoil technology achievement prizes for students. The competition includes a $2500 First Prize and up to two $1000 Honorable Mention awards. Background on the Mandles Prize and rules for the competition are at:

The Mandles Prize competition is an outstanding opportunity for the next generation of hydrofoil developers to be acknowledged for their achievements in advancing the state of the art in hydrofoil and hydrofoil-assisted craft technology and design.

We received ten entries for the Mandles Prize reflecting a wide range of hydrofoil-related technical investigations and assembled an outstanding panel of judges to review them. I am pleased to announce the results of the competition and congratulate the winning students and their faculty advisers for their outstanding work. The Mandles Prize awards for 2013 – 2014 are as follows:

First Prize:

“Speed Sailing Design and Velocity Prediction Program”
by Dane Hull
Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania
Faculty Adviser: Dr. J. R. Binns

Honorable Mention:

“Design and Assessment of an Ultra High Speed, Surface-Piercing, Supercavitating Hydrofoil Craft ”
by Vasileios Georgiadis, Kyle Miller and Leon Faison
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Faculty Adviser: Prof. Stefano Brizzolara

Honorable Mention:

“On the Design, Construction and Testing of a Fully-Submerged Canard Hydrofoil System for a Low-speed Solar Boat”
by Neola Putnam, Gregory Dickert, Caleb Wagner
Cedarville University
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Timothy Dewhurst

We thank all the competitors and their advisers for their interest in hydrofoil technology and their truly excellent work. Thanks also to our judges for contributing their personal time and expertise in evaluating the entries. All of you have made this first Mandles Prize cycle a resounding success!

Mark R. Bebar
President - IHS


11 April 2014


log1 John R. Meyer Jr.


To all Members of IHS,


It is with regret and sadness that I pass along the news of John Meyer’s death.  John had been battling cancer and was recently in the hospital for treatment.  He elected to return home on 10 April and passed away on 11 April 2014.  

The Memorial will take place on Saturday 17th of May 2014 at 3:30 pm in the Pilgrim Lutheran Church - German Lutheran Church Washington DC - is renting from them. 5500 Massachusetts Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland 20816

Please keep John's wife, Gigi and his sons, Kurt and Craig, in your thoughts and prayers.

Mark R. Bebar

President, IHS

A more detailed Memorial to John can be found here: In memorium IHS Past President, John R. Meyer Jr.

John R. Meyer's Bio




To All IHS Members:

The IHS has embarked on a wide range of initiatives aimed at increasing awareness of hydrofoil and hydrofoil related technology developments around the world. The Board has had lengthy discussions and concluded that it is critical to involve the membership to accomplish these objectives. There is simply too much work to be done to rely totally on the Board members. I am writing to encourage and solicit your active involvement in the work of the Society.

Specifically, we need assistance in the following areas:

- Newsletter – preparing articles and editing

- Mandles Prize – Judging

- Website – assistance to the Webmaster including responding to posted messages.

- Treasurer – assistance to the Treasurer and Membership Committee.

- Program – assistance in identifying guest speakers for IHS/ SNAME Panel SD-5 Joint Dinner Meetings

- Tacoma Maritime Fest (24 – 25 Aug 2013) and other future meetings/conferences– Staffing the booth

- Navy Hydrofoil Reunion in Key West (20 – 23 Sept 2013) – register to attend.

- Permanent Hydrofoil Exhibit at Washington Navy Yard Museum – assistance/lead in developing the exhibit

- Phanfare Photo Site on IHS website – assistance in posting photos or editing/describing the content.

- Collection/compilation/indexing of hydrofoil (and other AMV) technical papers and data.

Many of these support activities can be done at home over the internet or phone and can be at any level of engagement that volunteers are willing and able to provide, either one-off or ongoing. I urge all of you to consider where you might help in furthering these efforts. Please contact me at: if you’re interested.


Mark R. Bebar – President, IHS







log1 Reunion

September 2013 Navy Hydrofoil Reunion:

The IHS and PHM MSLG Joint Navy Hydrofoil Reunion was held from 20-23 Sept. 2013 in Key West Fla.

Approximately 150 Navy Hydrofoilers and their friends had a great time.




Meeting Presentations

Last Meeting:

OOur last joint dinner meeting with SNAME SD-5 PANEL and INTERNATIONAL HYDROFOIL SOCIETY with ASNE Day was held on 20 Feb. 2014. The presentation was on the MK V Patrol Boat and was given by Bryant Bernhard and Vincent Almerico, Jr. of United States Marine, Inc..

Click here to download the presentation:

5 May 2013 Meeting:

Our last joint dinner meeting with SNAME SD-5 and IHS joined with ASNE and was held on 5 May 2013. The presentation was on LNG Fuel for Advanced Ships and was given by Philip Wasinger of MAN Diesel North America.

Click here to download the presentation:



IHS was at the 2012 Tacoma Maritime Fest and suported the 2013 Festival August 24-25

For the past 20 years there has been a Maritime Festival in Tacoma, Washington, at the Foss Waterway Seaport.  You can see what's there at and find out more about the Seaport itself at , on twitter at and on Facebook at

In recent years this event has attracted 8,000 - 10,000 people over a Saturday and Sunday.   

This year's Maritime Fest was on August 24-25, and the International Hydrofoil Society participated.

To see more details, go to the Fourth Quarter IHS Newsletter below.


Sustaining Members are corporations, companies institutions and other organizations who wish to support the work of the Society.


Island Engineering, formed in 1999, is dedicated to design and engineering support of high performance marine vehicles - primarily for the development of advanced ride control systems.

Island Engineering is one of a very few companies that specialize in providing the stabilization and motion control that a ship or craft requires in order to be able to accomplish its purposes.  That may involve ensuring a ship-launched weapon will hit its target, or a helicopter or Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat can be deployed safely, or a yacht owner's martini won't spill.  Requirements and solutions can vary widely from one case to the next, and Island Engineering has dealt with a wide variety of ships, craft and equipment involved in such solutions. Island Engineering handles all aspects of this work, from basic analysis to design and engineering, all the way to fabrication and shipboard installation of stabilization systems. 

Moreover, the company is well known for its ability and willingness to tackle all manner of unusual and challenging engineering projects.

MAPC_LOGO Maritime Applied Physics Corporation (MAPC) provides a mix of scientists, engineers, naval architects and technicians who are motivated to move ideas from concept through design and prototype.
NAID SUS NAIAD DYNAMICS Naiad Dynamics world leader in ship motion solutions is the fusion of the legendary Stabilizer and Ride Control System manufacturers Naiad Marine Systems, Maritime Dynamics, Vosper Motion Control, Vosper Stabilizers, VT Marine Products and Koopnautic Holland.



The IHS Subject Archives have been all updated to include all 2005 discussions from the IHS Bulletin Board as of 20 Aug 2006. The Discussion Forums


On-Line (BBS) should be used for all current Discussions.

New!!! Even More Advanced Marine Vehicles (AMVs) CD Data Available. Nov 2007 IHS announces the Fourth Advanced Marine Vehicle (AMV) CD-ROM in its series of reference and historical AMV document releases. The new CD has 74 documents:

Click Here to download a Table of Contents.

  • Thirtyfive Documents on Hydrofoils
  • Twent one Documents Applicable to Multiple AMV Types
  • Ten Documents on Air Cushion Vehicles (ACVs) and Surface Effect Ships (SESes)
  • Three on SWATHs
  • Six Documents on Planing Mono and Multi-Hulls

Want details? Click Here to view a Table of Contents and abstracts for each document on the CD. Cost is only US$12.00 for IHS members; US$15.00 for nonmembers. This includes postage worldwide. IHS accepts payment by personal check, bank check, money order or cash (all in US dollars only).We have also arranged for payment by credit card (online only!).

Note: AMV CD-ROM #1, #2 and #3 the first three CDs in this series, are still available for sale.

Click Here for ordering instructions.

ALSO New!!! ALL Back-issues of IHS NEWSLETTERS (1978-2013) Available. IHS announces the consolidation and indexing of all IHS NEWSLETTERS onto a CD.

  • 1852+ articles on all the hydrofoil news for the last twenty five years

Want details? Click Here for an Index and abstracts for each document on the CD. Cost is only US$12.00 for IHS members; US$15.00 for nonmembers. This includes postage worldwide. IHS accepts payment by personal check, bank check, money order or cash (all in US dollars only).We have also arranged for payment by credit card (online only!).

Note: The current and just past issues are always available to IHS Memebers for immediate download at this page.

Click Here for ordering instructions.


Third Quarter 2014 Newsletter

Electronic Copy in Adobe Acrobat format available NOW to members in good standing. Click Here.

  • Free Sample Newsletter -- Electronic Copy (400K)... The Password is shipofthefuture. Read it on screen or print it out with free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software available below (Acrobat Reader version 9.0 or higher required) Hint: zoom to 130% for easier reading!
  • Free Sample Newsletter -- Hard Copy By Mail... Include POSTAL address with your request!
  • For an index of past newsletter articles, Click here (This is a Microsoft Excel file)
  • Past IHS Newsletters CD -- A new CD with all past IHS Newsletters since 1978 through to 2008, has been collected into one convienient CD with 1852+ seperate news articles is now available for $12.00 IHS Member Price, postpaid price or $15.00 Non-Member Price, postpaid price, postpaid worldwide.

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