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Baron Hanns von Schertel … Picture obtained from a 1970 Supramar AG brochure
Carlo Rodriquez … Picture obtained from October 1962 issue of Hovering Craft and Hydrofoil
R.E. Alexeyev … Picture obtained from October 1964 issue of Hovering Craft and Hydrofoil

KOCK 97-2000
LANG 97-2000
KEIPER 97-2000
ALEKSEEV 97-2000
MILLER 97-2000

International Hydrofoil Society Reprint…
The Miller Hydrofoil Sailboard
For racers of the future, this design provides fast acceleration and a smoother ride
on choppy seas
Reprinted by permission from the
San Francisco Bay Boardsailing Association
(SFBA) Newsletter
May 1997
Rich Miller’s free 28-page Illustrated Technical Paper:
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Sam Bradfield’s, Harken Board Sailing Hydrofoil Pictures, Product Catalog and the Harken
Hydrofoil Flight Manual courtesy of a current owner Jonathan Levine. He reports that it was made only
briefly by Harken, appearing in their 1986 catalog. They recently told him that they sold somewhere
around 50 of them.:
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